Friday, February 18, 2011

Still going strong!

Even though I haven't been posting here, I am still working hard!  I've been using Daily Mile to keep track of my workouts.  It's nice to see how many miles I'm doing, and how well I'm progressing.  You can find me here.  I was extremely happy with my run today.  I started off running 1 km (4.5 laps), and walking for half a lap.  Did this twice.  On the start of my 3rd km, I happened to keep pace with another regular of the track.  We started chatting, and chatting, and next thing I knew I'd run over 5 laps straight!!!  At this point, I decided to just keep going.  I ran the next 18 laps (4 kms) straight, with only short water breaks.  I did this in 43 minutes, not the best time, but considering I just recently started back up again I'm good with this.

I will probably end up spending time on the elliptical tomorrow, as well as get some strength training in.  Next weeks run could be interesting as the boys do have school, but I can still work with this.

Another good note, I'm under 150 lbs again!  My weight had snuck up to 153 in the last few months, and with this hard work, and better eating, I'm now down to 148.8 lbs.  I'm on track to not only run 10 kms this year, but to get down to the low to mid 130's.

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