Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So, I made it to the Yoga class yesterday. The teacher was, well, a little odd LOL. Not quite sure what to make of her yet. The exercises were a little different than I have done before, but it still felt good. Hopefully once I am used to the teacher, it will work out better.

Tomorrow I am off to the track for a run, then in the afternoon I will be taking one of my boys to the swimming pool. Although that won't really be much of a work out!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yoga, here I come!

So, I called up the local YMCA today to see if they still had spots available in the Monday afternoon Yoga class... they had 7!!! So, as of Monday, I will taking a 1.5 hour yoga class every week for 3 months! I have taken Yoga classes in the past, and really enjoyed them. I remember how much better my flexibility got in a very short amount of time, and how much more relaxed I was. And trust me, I need something to relax me LOL. The boys know how to get my stress to peak easily LOL.

Last week as I was waiting for Little Man's prescription, Bug wanted to know what the blood pressure machine did. So, I put my arm in and showed him. Well, that first reading was 159/135!!! Yes, I did not rest for a minute before taking the reading, but still... WOW. 10 minutes later I took it again, and I was back to my normal of 91/62.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I made it out today.

I made it for a run this morning, came very close to backing out since the boys had me up at 5:30am! I still did Week 1 of the C25K. For some strange reason I couldn't get my nike-ipod thing to work, so I don't have that to upload. I can tell you that I ran for a total of 8 minutes, in 60 second intervals. I was on the track for a total of 35 minutes. I am going to be working on the schedule for my Nanny tonight, and will make sure that I have time to get in 3 runs next week. I would really like to finish Week 1!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Too much going on....

So, I haven't really had time, or the energy to worry about exercise this last week. For those that wonder where I am, I post much more often on my other blog... Dreams of Cyprus.

Hopefully I will be healthy next week to get my runs in... I hate all these crazy interruptions!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I did make it... but....

Well, I did make it to the track this morning... although I sort of think I should have passed LOL. I forgot the armband holder for my iPod, so I bought another one.. but the store was almost 20 minutes late opening!!! Finally get to the track just before 10am, get changed, and head up. Only to find that my C25K podcast is missing!?!?!? I quickly calibrate the my strides for Nike +, and manage to get 15'43" minutes complete, or 1.64kms. I've loaded a ticker to the right that will keep track of my runs, and how well I am doing.

I only got 15 minutes in because I needed to get to the store for some milk, and bread. I would rather have a short run then take 3 boys grocery shopping LOL. I should be able to head back to the track Monday... hopefully with everything I need this time LOL.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


This past week hasn't gone all that well, but the first bit that Hubby is gone always throws a kink in my plans. I will be back to the track tomorrow, with some nice new running shoes (mine weren't really the best), and Nike's iPod attachment. I did not buy my iPod Touch with the knowledge of this feature, but it is a decent one that could help me keep track of where I am with my goals. I have also just signed up at Nike to keep my workout info in one place... and it just sync's from my iPod.

I have hired a Nanny to come to the house on a part time basis, this should help to get me out for my workouts when I need to do them... also a little bit of sanity from the boys LOL.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I Did It!

I came very close to not going Day 1 today, I just felt very tired after dropping the boys off... I almost went to the coffee shop to sit back and read for a bit!!! But, I kicked my own butt, and went to the track. I won't say it was easy... which is kind of sad in a way... but at least I did it. Now to just figure out what days next week will work!!!!

Day 1, Week 1

I am going to take Monkey to school, drop Bug, and Hadrian off at a friends.... and then I am heading to the track to complete Day 1, Week 1 of the C25K!!! I have found a few podcasts, as well as an app for my ipod touch that let's me play my music with the cues. I think for today I will try the podcast, and see how I like it before getting the app.

Oh, my scale this morning said 180.8lbs!!!! I am so close to being out of the 180's again... I can hardly wait. Seeing the scale go down is the best incentive there is to keep up with all of this. I will have to work hard this month to see the 160's again though!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here's the deal.

Over the next 3-4 weeks, Hubby will not be home much... traveling for business around the world. So, to me this is a great time to get my act together, and kick my weight loss into high gear... or at least as high gear as I can with 3 crazy boys sapping me dry.

Today was a good day eating wise, then again, being so busy with the kids helps keep my mind off of snacking! I really want to start running, it is something that I can do anywhere... don't exactly need special equipment! I am seriously contemplating entering the 5km race out in Cochrane this June... but am very scared of not being able to run it!!!!

I am going to try to iron out a schedule with my sitters/friends so that I can do the 3 days of training that is outlined in the Couch to 5km (C25K) plan... you can see the details here. I have started this in the past, but never completed it.

So... if anyone wants to check in with me to make sure I am working away... PLEASE do... I need help keeping my ass in line LOL. I will hopefully get a schedule together in the next few days, and will post it then.

I CAN do this. I WILL do this. I WANT to do this.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

too much happening...

So, I haven't had the time, or the energy to even think about losing weight lately. Not only that, but some strange format things have happened to my blog in my absence?!?!? I am feeling better today, so hopefully this week I can actually get back on track. I am down another lb though, mainly from being sick.. let's just hope I don't gain it back!

Oh, one reason I need to get back on track this week, is that I am getting my Mirena IUD removed. Instead I am going to go back on the pill, not sure which one yet, but something that will be better than the IUD. So, to keep from the typical weight gain associated with the pill, I need to keep on top of exercise and eating.