Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 4

Boot Camp was hard today!!!  After doing the Kimbo Video yesterday, all the arm work was just killer this morning.  But, got it done :)

I'm feeling good about myself, great about how well I'm doing.  I may be the weight I was last fall, but I have come to far to let it bring me down.  I was in the pool this afternoon with my boys and my ex... and I do admit I was nervous about this.  My ex has not seen me unclothed since our separation, so it was something that felt awkward to do.  But I got to say, I felt great in the end!  I just have to look at it as how far I have come, not how much further to go.  He on the other hand has developed quite the paunch lol.  I am now living my life, and making the most of it... there is nothing to feel ashamed about at all.

Day 3

I decided to try and do a P90X video (Kimbo) with my boys yesterday afternoon... let's just say it was a cluster f**k!  They decided to trash the house, run around like monsters, and in general drive me up the wall!!!  I did not finish the last 10 minutes, as I needed to get dinner on the table early for soccer night.  I'll keep trying, but it might take time... :(

So, I did 35 minutes of a good workout last night, I think the P90X videos will be a good addition to my workouts.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 2

Another night done!!!  It was much harder tonight, I could feel it in my thighs within the first few minutes... but I did do 33 minutes.

It felt so good to do this tonight, especially considering I felt so tired and drained this evening.  I am going to commit to 90 days of exercise, something that is totally doable!  It will be a bit tricky when I go to visit P, but I can makes things work.  I'll be doing what I can to mix up my workouts, so that I'm not bored.  Getting some weight training in will be key as well, but right now it's cardio I need to concentrate on.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Working my way back

It's been an uphill battle getting myself back on track, and I'm still a long way from being there.  I'm making a rule for myself, one that I will not break until I am 100% back on track.

I will not sit down to watch TV until I have completed a workout that day, or I must jump on my elliptical while I watch.

Tonight while watching Fringe I managed to get 35 minutes completed, it was much harder than it should have been.  I have two big events coming up for 2011.

The first one is that Bug wants his birthday party (5th) held at a Wave Pool, which will be in early January.  This means that I will be in a swimsuit around my ex... yuck!  I do and don't care about him seeing me in a swimsuit, but I do want to look good!  I know that I look so much better than the last time he saw me naked, and a swimsuit is as close as he will ever get to seeing me naked again... so I want to look incredible!

The second event is that I am planning a trip to Mexico for some time in April or May.  I still need to speak with my ex about dates, but I'm hopeful that something can be worked out.  I want to look rockin in a bathing suit for that trip!  I want to feel 100% comfortable sitting out on the beach, especially since I will likely be going alone.