Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting closer!

Another great run today!  I ran for 28 minutes (one walking lap half way, which is not included in my totals) today, for a whopping 4.1k!!!  That was 18 laps (2 more than last week), and had a pace of 6.8.  My pace was down, but I was able to go longer... so a total win for me!  I need to work on my endurance, and once that is set, then I can concern myself with the pace.  Just a few weeks and I should have no problem running 5k straight...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another push.

Another great run for me on Friday.  I ran for 12 minutes (8 laps), walked for 2 minutes (1 lap), then ran for another 12 minutes (8 laps).  This worked out to 3.63km in 24 minutes, with a pace of 6:37 per km.  This run was a lot harder than Wednesdays, but that could be from having to push the stroller.  I should still be running 5km in 2 to 3 weeks, which puts me in fine shape for the race June 13th.  The race should be a lot easier as well since I will not be pushing the stroller for it.

Can't wait to get this first run completed!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back with both guns blazing!!!

Well, today I was finally well enough, and able to make it to the track for a run.  What was even better was that I was child free!!  So, iPod set to go, off I went.  What a run!  I really wonder what has been holding me back lately??  Has it been that I thought I couldn't do it?  That it would be too hard, so why bother?  Whatever the reason, it is no longer valid!  I ran for...

20 minutes

No breaks (other than quick sips of water every 3-4 laps), for a total of 15 laps, which equals 3.3km!  I have not done that well ever, still can't believe I did that!  I might have been able to go for a bit longer, but was getting some cramps, and felt I done well enough for one day.  The longest run, without breaks, that I have ever done is only 8 minutes.  I ran 12 minutes longer than I have before.

I have just signed up to run 5km in the Footstock race held here in town on the 13th of June.  I am so excited, and looking forward to completing this event... my first ever race!  This gives me just under 3 months to prepare, and if today is any indication, I will be running 5km straight in a month.  I will then have 2 months to work on my pace.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Life has just been full of obstacles lately.  Last Friday when I went for my run, I got some weird cramping and couldn't finish.  I did manage to get around 18 minutes of running in 5 minute intervals.  Monday I made it back to the track, and found I had a very, very hard time getting even 20 minutes done.  It was a very hard run for me, at the time I wasn't sure why.  Later that evening I figured out just why that run was so hard.  I got sick, so very sick.  Whatever it was, it was over quick.  The next morning I felt fine, just very tired.

Not wanting to push myself too much, I did not go for a run today.  And now on Friday I will be unable as I am going to be volunteering at Monkey's school in the morning.  All these obstacles that come along...

Next week I am hoping will be better.