Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Night 2 this week!!

Not sure I would call it a roll yet, but I managed to get on the elliptical for the second night this week!  Just need to make sure I get on tomorrow, as I will be away this weekend... and sitting on some exercise machines is not exactly what I had in mind!  I forgot to get my miles and calories, but I did get 30 minutes done.  I have my official weigh in this Friday, and really want to see the scale get down to 135lbs!  That is the number I have been eyeing for the last X number of years... more than I really want to admit too.

I would now like to make my way down to 130lbs, as I am hoping to address a few trouble spots I still have.  Not sure if it's something I can easily maintain, but so far I've maintained at 137lbs for a number of months without working out, so I'm hoping my body can handle something a little lighter.  Just need to keep working away at it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Starting back up!

Well, I finally kicked my butt, and got on the elliptical tonight!  I am so happy that I did too... and I really pushed myself.

45    minutes
2.05 miles
843  calories

Now I just need to keep this going, which I'm thinking won't be so hard.  I just have to remember the benefits I will reap from this, as well as how good it feels when I complete a workout.  Next I will need to figure out a time to incorporate some work on the Wii Fit!

Oh, I weighed in at 136lbs this morning!  That is now a loss of 46.6lbs... WOW.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Holy Crap!

Well, it has been some time since I jumped on my elliptical... not such a good thing!  I may be keeping my weight steady, but my endurance is shot to hell.  I can't believe I let this happen the last 4-5 months, especially the last 2 months.  While at my parents house, and then settling into this new house the first few months, it was so much more difficult to get my workouts in... but my excuse for the last 2 months is not good enough.

With a meeting tomorrow night, and a few late nights for my weekend (boys are at their father's hosue), it could be next week before I get a chance to really buckle down again.  I want to get back to where I was in August, and take it so much further too.  Not only do I have the elliptical, I also have a Wii Fit Plus as well.  I also have easier access to the local indoor running track then I did over the summer.  There is no more excuses!!