Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another day done

I wasn't able to fit a workout in yesterday, getting the house sorted out kind of took over.  Rather glad I'd gotten two workouts in Monday, didn't make me feel like such a slacker.  I did make it down to the track this morning, and did my 5 kms.  The time for my 5 kms is rather disappointing though.  Just last June I was running my 5 kms between 30 and 33 minutes, but I do know that I can easily get back there again.  So here is my numbers

Distance : 5 kms
Time : 41 minutes
Laps : Run 2.5 laps, walk .5 lap, repeat.

I just need to keep pushing myself (within reason of course), and get back to where I was!  From that point I can work on improving my time & distance.

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