Monday, February 21, 2011


Had a great run this afternoon!  I did 6 kms (27 laps around the track) in 40 minutes 30 seconds.  I even felt that I could have gone further, but had to get back to the kids.  My Mom had been nice enough to meet us at the rec centre, and be with the boys so that I could get my run in.  As it is Family Day here, they had a whole whack of activities for the boys to partake in.

I suspect I'll just get on the elliptical at home tomorrow, and add some hand weights in for a bit of strength afterwards.  The boys have been joining me for sit-ups and push-ups lately, so it's good for all of us when I workout at home.


  1. VEry cool. I can't seem to get past 5 without wanting to die..

  2. I'm pretty shocked that I was able to get up to 6kms so easily, last summer I could just do 5, and the odd day 6. In a few weeks I'll work on my time, want to get a kilometer done in 6 or less minutes.